What is this place?
Lapfox Archive is a collective effort to provide a centralized location to download rare and discontinued music by electronic artist Ren. It is not specific to only the Lapfox Trax label. If there's a high-quality or rare file that is no longer on Bandcamp, we aim to host it here.
Does Ren know about this site? Are they okay with it?
Yes, and yes. Feel free to use the music you download however you wish, aside from selling it.
There are multiple download buttons! Which should I click?
We try to offer a range of high quality file formats for every album. If there are multiple formats available for an album, the top option is the smallest file size. We recommend downloading this unless you know what you're doing; most people won't notice a large difference.
I have a question or would like to contribute!
Great! Head over to the CONTACT page and send us a message.
What is FLAC?
FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) is a 'perfect' audio format. While most common formats (such as MP3) have slightly degraded audio quality compared to what the original artist created, FLAC will not change the original audio at the cost of a much larger file size. Because the audio is loss-less, it can be used to create other 'lossy' files. It is usually only used by people with expensive audio equipment, or audio archivists.
What are the different versions of MP3? Which is best?
There are two main types of MP3s: constant and variable bitrate. On this site, a plain number indicates constant bitrate, and a 'V' indicates variable bitrate.

Constant bitrate (CBR) MP3s use one bitrate (the amount of data used to store audio, measured in kilobits per second) setting throughout the entire song. The higher the bitrate, the larger the file, and the higher the audio quality. 320 kbps is generally the highest available bitrate, and 128 kbps is the lowest commonly used.

Variable bitrate (VBR) MP3s increase bitrate in complicated areas of the song, and decrease the bitrate in drawn out or calmer areas. The quality of the audio is determined approximately by the average bitrate of the file, with 'V0' being the highest quality, and 'V9' being the lowest. V0 MP3s are generally around the same quality as CBR 320 ones, but are only ¾ of the size.

In general, we find V0 to be the most popular balance between audio quality and file size among enthusiasts. However, the difference between MP3 types is often very small and many people simply cannot tell them apart. If you're looking to download an album in something other than the smallest format available, we suggest trying several different versions of an album you're familiar with and listening for yourself.
Who made this site?
Lapfox Archive is made and run by two guys named Alex and Mike. Most of the art is by Ren and other artists.